Sea glass has an amazing ability to transport you...from its mysterious beginnings...along its journey from trash to beautiful the beach where the glass was found. No two pieces are the same. Each piece has its own unique story, which makes the jewelry as one of a kind as the wearer.


It can take decades for a bottle carelessly tossed into the sea, marbles lost overboard or a glass insulator washed away in a hurricane to tumble their way to shore as sea glass. I celebrate each time I find a piece and again when I’ve finished transforming it into jewelry. I hope you will feel the resilience, beauty and mystery of sea glass and celebrate each time you wear your piece.


I taught myself how to make jewelry after collecting pounds of sea glass. It was too beautiful to just sit in my house in a display jar. I love sharing the bounty of my wanderlust.


I use sterling silver and plated metals, leather, silk, and suede in my pieces. Some of the glass is drilled and some pieces are wire wrapped. In keeping with the recycled aspect of sea glass, I also try to repurpose items in my jewelry. A flea market necklace or brooch may be dismantled and reworked into a new accent for a piece of glass.  In addition to sea glass, I also incorporate other items found on the beach into my pieces …coral, metal, driftwood, tile, wire, etc.  Everything I use has been washed ashore; nothing has been removed from the sea. 


My bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings are made with hand harvested Mexican sea glass. My friends, family and I found all the glass used in vidrio de mar's jewelry on a secluded, rocky beach in Mexico.